India's flagship event, Bengaluru Tech Summit has evolved over two decades as a Premier ICT, Electronics and Biotechnology Summit. Powerful Conference has been a strong component of the event, right since its inception providing view of critical, technical, commercial, policy issues facing the industry.

The International Conference will bring together top technology experts, futurists, policy makers, research heads and industry captains from all over the globe to indulge in invigorating sessions. Eminent personalities will deliberate on thought leadership while expert speakers will give insights into the latest industry trends, future opportunities and innovators will present the path breaking ideas. The tech industry is now emerging as major player seeking to radically expand their reach into global health, once dominated by big pharma and health insurance companies. Clearly the tech companies and innovators are not only thriving on the opportunity, but they are seizing the moment to redefine their relationship with society.

"The role of technology now is to give us new tools, new options and new ways to go further, faster than ever before as we are going to be looking at radically different world." So let's move forward and embrace "NEXT IS NOW" .

Listen to thought leaders and experts talk about how technology is playing a vital role to play in the response to the current situation, both in developing tools to fight the virus itself and in cushioning the impact on society as the pandemic persists.

BTS 2020 will first attempt to analyze and then address the key societal sectors, the major trends and factors impacting these sectors, and radically transformative solutions and lessons learned using exponential technologies, as part of a broader means to mobilize the public-private industry, universities, R&D labs Startups and investors.






INR 1500

INR 2500


USD 100

USD 175

Note: 18% GST is applicable



Focus Sectors:

◆ Aerospace & Space Technologies
◆ Healthcare
◆ FinTech
◆ Future of Work
◆ Software Products & SAAS
◆ eCommerce & Supply Chain
◆ Startup for Public Good


◆ Electronics & SemiConductor
◆ Athamanirbhar Bharat
◆ Drones & Robotics
◆ Cyber World & Security
◆ Remote & Distributed working,
◆ Communication & Collaboration
◆ Productivity Enhancer
◆ Work life balance