One of the major attractions of Bengaluru Tech Summit-INDIA BIO, is WALKWAY OF DISCOVERY. It is aimed at generating new breakthrough ideas in the field of Biotechnology. It will also focus on putting these ideas into practice through interactive sessions between the presenters, delegates and visitors as they walk through the poster walkway of innovations.

The poster session at Bengaluru Tech Summit-INDIA BIO invites applications from young researchers, scientists and technocrats to share their innovations through posters. Make use of this perfect opportunity to present a poster of your research work to an audience comprising of the best in the game while standing the chance to catch their attention.

The selected posters will be printed in the poster document by way of abstracts which will be distributed to all the delegates of Bengaluru Tech Summit-INDIA BIO.

Don't hold back, present your ideas and gain recognition within and outside the scientific community while getting the opportunity to win prizes and certificates in the award function of Bengaluru Tech Summit-INDIA BIO.



INR 2000


USD 200

↦ 3 Days access to the technical sessions
↦ 2 Days access to the Awards Function
↦ Soft copy of Poster Document display

Poster Registration Last Date 27th October, 2020 Clcik here for Registration

For further details, contact
Ms. Prabha Sharon
Poster coordinator
Bengaluru Tech Summit
Mobile: +91-99167 85005