Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka

Karnataka has always been known for its technical prowess. Even as enterprises rethink technology and IT services to digitise and define innovative business models, Karnataka's IT, BT & Electronics sectors are helping usher in a new era of intelligent technology.

Karnataka has historically been a hub for technology and R&D based institutions in India, and boasts of adequate infrastructure to support its vision. The Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T through its innovative initiatives & forthcoming guidance, has been promoting Karnataka as the most preferred destination for frontier technologies, creating a conducive environment for Electronics, IT, BT and S&T related industries. The Department regularly conducts premier global events on IT, Biotech and Nanotechnology bringing together all stakeholders for mutual benefit and growth, overall mapping Indian in the international technology sphere.

Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS)

Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS) helps the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology in facilitating and promoting the Information Technology and Biotech sectors in the state. KITS acts as a synergic liaison between Industry and Government, providing secretarial services to the State IT and BT projects, making it the linchpin for providing all basic information that facilitates the establishment of IT & BT Industries in the State. It is the nodal agency for implementing the decisions of the Vision Group on IT and the Vision Group on BT.

KITS also focuses on tapping Karnataka's large IT talent pool, functioning as a key driver for augmenting foreign investments and collaborations, to enhance skill development, mutual industry facilitation and encourage startups and MSMEs.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

STPI has played a seminal role in accomplishing India as an Information Technology superpower, constantly striving towards furthering IT growth in the country. Software Technology Parks of India, is an Autonomous body, conceived with the distinct objective of encouraging, promoting and boosting software exports from India, and maintains internal engineering resources to provide consulting, training and implementation services.

Additionally, STPI also helps set up & manage infrastructural facilities. STPI has been central in promoting the development and export of software and software services for the country. From time to time, relentless efforts are taken to provide statutory and other promotional services to exporters by implementing the Software Technology Parks (STP)/ Electronics and Hardware Technology Parks (EHTP) Schemes and SEZ schemes by Govt. of India. Today, STPI is synonymous with excellent Infrastructure and statutory support for the booming IT sector of the country.

Vision Group on (Information Technology, Biotechnology & StartUp)

Vision Group on Information Technology, Biotechnology and StartUp is an apex advisory body comprising of members from Government, Public and Private Sectors including industry and academia.

MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications

Activ Sci-Tech Communications is India's leading event curator in the field of frontier technologies. MM Activ, since its inception in the year 2000, has held over 100 National and International conventions in sectors like IT & Electronics, Biotechnology, Agritech, Nanotechnology, Space Technology, Nutraceuticals, R&D and Higher Education, Coffee, Sustainable Chemistry, Transport & Logistics, MRO, Renewable Energy and Water.

MM Activ is also the publisher of leading business magazines like BioSpectrum (Asia & India), NuFFooDS Spectrum (Asia & India) & AgroSpectrum.