IT Thought Leaders Conclave

The Leaders Conclave will be a power packed evening with Industry Captains from the ICT Industry as well as Policy Makers coming together on a single platform to throw light on the challenges ahead, uncover potential opportunities and discuss the means to achieve exponential growth. This year the theme will be ‘Innovation & Impact’ and the conclave will be organized in association with NASSCOM.

This is an excellent platform where today’s eminent leaders inspire the young leaders of tomorrow. It will help the attendees to get an insight of what’s new today and what’s lying ahead in the near future. Panelists will also share their experiences, lessons they learnt and personal pathways that helped them achieve professional successes.

This closed-door event, will provide an opportunity to meet elite leaders, indulge in invigorating interactions and get insights on future business, technology, innovation and opportunities.

Biotech Thought Leaders Conclave

An exclusive CEO gathering from top biotech companies all on one panel to discuss, brainstorm and debate the on – going industry challenges. This gathering would be followed by a networking dinner, providing an exclusive opportunity to meet and connect with C – level executives under one roof.